International Standards
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Responsible Manufacturing

Environmental Solutions Designed From The Start

Tarik Al-Zahid Rubber Factory, as a responsible recycler of rubber, is committed to take adequate arrangement related to environment protection in all business aspects including preparation, manufacturing, storage and delivery of our products. It is our policy to meet our customer’s expectations and to conserve natural resources, prevent pollution and protect the environment. This is with continuous improvement and total involvement of all employees.

Mohammed Al Zahid, Vice Chairman & CEO
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Recycling Used Tires

We use used tires and tubes in our manufacturing process. We understand that tires are the most problematic source of unusable materials or waste and contain ecological components that are harmful to the environment. Tires are produced in large numbers, hundreds of millions produced each year, and have a very short life cycle. At Tarik Al Zahid Rubber Factory take advantage of this quantity and started utilizing used tire's rubber in our rubber manufacturing.

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Pollution Control

We are using Wet scrubber technology for quenching and neutralizing the out come steam and fumes. The system is designed as follows: the flue gases released from the top of the autoclaves, are sucked through sealed hood and suction blower system, to a backed wet scrubber system which is connected to an NaOH – Water mixing tank and a mixer – dosing arrangement. The main purpose of the wet scrubber system is to neutralize the fumes to remove un wanted vapors .

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Natural Rubber Recycling Plant

We are in the process of setting up a natural rubber recycling plant and state of art compound mixing plant as per major tires manufacturer requirements for intermediate product to produce tires.